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A wife’s tale of two fields


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 Well the tale starts with a new owner of a  farm making a call to the previous owners regular  pigeon shooter saying can you look at my rape fields as there is a lot of pigeon damage  only for the said pigeon shooter whilst looking at the fields seeing the farmers wife rope bangering  the fields off this was a couple of weeks ago . 

Late yesterday the trusty companion of the  pigeon shooter  got a text could he join him as the new farmer would like us to have ago at these pigeons so ROBIN said ok see you in the morning 
The next morning the weather conditions where not ideal mist , little wind and damp but the two enthusiasts soldiered on checking the fields out which looked quite reasonable on arrival . Plenty of birds about with a good number flighting in so the spot was picked and the two intrepid  shooter put there kits on there back and headed off to there chosen spot 
With in minutes of setting up  the first  few pigeons came back BOOM the first one dropped next was a sneaky fast crosser took out this was looking good  then a pair came out of the mist from nowhere one down the other manage to  escape (arghh)  but then it seemed have stopped    . With nothings happening robin went for a walk to try  and get the pigeons moving as he got a couple of fields over hundred plus lifted from the trees  a minute later from the hide positions.two shot rang out which apparently was a left and a right from Batman .. whilst at the other spot Robin notices another line  going to there rape fields not permitted to shoot these blighters where diddling them so the duo decide to pack up with 6 picked and go somewhere else for an hour
The next field looked good but would these birds come back fortune favours the brave so they set up again  this time the bird started to decoy well  but the light was fading would the two be able to make there day better . The answer was yes the had a good bit of sport both shooting some good birds . They even shot at athe same high flying pigeon sharing the spoils as they pulled the trigger at the same time 
20 picked but from what I have heard a good day( good job I am a good listener)
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