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The wind finally picked up today- however the threat of rain was in the forecast, but I was desperate to get out. I did a quick recce and was set up at 9.30am with a decent North Easterly blowing. I was in a block of 3 fields of OSR with pigeons on all 3 fields. I chose the shortest walk possible as the fields were so muddy. Pigeons began to arrive straight away and I had 2 for the magnet after 3 shots. There was a stronger line going to the furthest away part of the field, however every time they lifted they came over me. The rain was getting heavier but the pigeons didn’t seem bothered and kept coming- sometimes singles sometimes 30+.
It was just good to be out getting a few shots- and I am happy with the 27g super fasts -and one particular pigeon was shot dead at 49 paces from the hide. The magnet was pulling a few in and although I had spells of inactivity, I was happy to be out. By 1pm both the rain and the pigeons had dried up so with 22 shot I called it a day.



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As you say, it is good to be out , today the weather down here was in anything  wetter than it was yesterday with rain off and on for most of the day , as luck would have it the rain eased up mid afternoon and I managed to stay fairly dry while I had a go for a duck .

Yours was a decent bag in the time you were shooting and at least it will be staying mild till the new year , so you could well have another go over the next few days in better conditions .

All the best and a HAPPY NEW YEAR :good: 

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23 minutes ago, JDog said:

Good effort. When you haven't been out for a while it is good to get going again.

Have you any trees left?

Storm Arwen certainly left it’s mark on the countryside locally- but some trees do still remain. I had a walk though the woods which surround my place of work last week, and we have lost more than 200 hardwood trees. Some were pushed over, while others have been twisted and snapped off midway down the trunk.

Apparently Kielder forest lost 12,000 trees.

I know you have friends up here who will has already described the devastation.


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