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1100 410 extractor


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Hi all does anyone know of where I can get an extractor for my 410 1100 in the uk I have tried chambers and a few other small outlets which are known for 1100 spares
it will only fire one shell with neither spent shell being extracted or new shell being loaded 
I have checked Metal rings are all on correct And a new o ring has been put on
Leads me to think it’s the extractor

there are some for sale on us eBay but vendors are reluctant to post to uk
Any help would be great TIA

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Hmmmmm ?????  Is the extractor claw th same as 16 or 12 gauge. I know the 16 fits the 12.  No promises but I will look through all of my bits and see if I have a spare claw.

I had a friend ship me a couple a few years ago and they came through no problem.  I can understand companies not wanting to ship. Even big firms like Cabela's don't ship these days.

Those 410 Rem 1100s are a joy to shoot.

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Thanks chesterse just called them he does not have one


walker 570 it’s the main gun That I shoot now I wish I had got one years ago

the extractor for 12 16 20 are the same 28 and 410 are the same

ive tried since mid December to talk to someone at raytrade to find out if they have spares but no reply from them
thanks for looking

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Why do you think its the extractor ? Is it broken or badly worn ? Have you tried taking it out and cleaning the recess ,the spring is OK and checking there is no build up of carbon in the niche in the barrel ? A not uncommon fault .Are gas ports clear and all every thing else OK inside ,recoil spring etc etc
 I only ask as with all autos they sometimes develop faults that are not obvious and sometimes just a bit of muck in the wrong place can cause problems .

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1 hour ago, Shadowchaser said:

How do you find the 410 1100?

I was going to purchase the Armsan 410 but they stopped selling them due to not being good with normal CIP ammo. 


The Remington is great I use it mainly for skeet with the 28 but have been using it for sporting more and more I did have an armsan but sent it back would not recycle and primers kept popping out

shame really as it was. A nice gun I’m sure there are some about which had no problems with them I would recommend a Remington 1100 if one becomes available

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After seeing the snapped claw as per pic I’m surprised it even got out from the breech

a kind chap from America is sending an extractor to me and I should have it within the week

thanks to all who helped with their reply’s 

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