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Athene noctua


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52 minutes ago, Goldfish said:

my new desktop wallpaper, lovely, thank you

Goldfish I don't believe I have had any interaction with you previously. But I do find your seven word post disrespectful.

However I have just viewed my personal messages but nothing from you requesting permission to download and use my image.

This is the normal route most members take and I am more than accommodating the majority of the time with a full resolution image being forwarded.

The other option is an unsightly watermark stuck on every image I post in the future.

Happy New Year.


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1 hour ago, Fisheruk said:

Excellent,as always. Have a Good New Year GG., looking forward to your delights in 22. 👍

Many thanks Fisher, there are a few overseas trips planned for 2022 as 2021 was lost to Covid including several lucrative Weddings.

I will post the images as they become available. Hopefully towards the end of February should be something special..

Good Luck to you in 2022.

GG:ninja:  Milo🐶

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 My original post was to say the image was lovely and to thank you for posting it. Sorry to upset you, thought that an image published on a forum was open to be downloaded and used, hence why you posted it, you didn't state any information about ownership and use so I have used the image for my own use however as you have called me disrespectful on an open form I will await your PM to allow you to apologise prior to you then stating copyright and expectations on this thread regarding the image as you have stated nothing to date.

P.S. lots of colleagues have commented on what a lovely desktop image I have, so I have shared it with them, hope that's ok? thanks

P.P.S. I will be using your red deer image for my next desktop, as posted by you on the 24th November with the statement "Click on the link above if you want the full image..." without any mention on copyright, Cheers


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