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Firstly 2 things 

A I want a moan 

B I think this is in the wrong section ?? 

When my mate was down swapping xmas cards my son asked can i get a few pheasants when your shooting the boxing day shoot ?  , we got the phone call middle of xmas new year week  take everything out the chiller .Well he came back with the ford ranger loaded up ,So i had the bright idea put up a posts on some sites offering them for ferret\dog  food  as the birds in the chiller would have   been shot on the Monday and there where 6 trays of birds shot on the Wednesday  as it was pouring down and the birds where wet  i thought rather than chance then for human consumption just offer them explain and let folk make up there own minds 

Well i live in Central Scotland and the main moan is theres nothing offered here its all down England 

First question Will you deliver ?. No Chance 

Will you pluck them ? For ferrets\Dogs No chance 

Will you Gut Them ? As above 

One person 20 minutes away wanted them all for a rescue but at 20 minutes away i was too far away 

Anyway i gave my address out to a few folk and not one of them showed up ???

I cleaned out my 3 freezers moved a lot of stuff and got them all in bar some ive hanging from the garage roof and will fed my ferrets them then use the birds in the freezers 


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Aye im slow to catch on got a extra 24 last season for a guy local never picked them up and never answered my texts as usual i had my freezers brim full for summer ferret food and had 30 hanging for the ferrets as i can struggle to feed 12 ferrets all summer without paying for food LOL Then he asked me to sell him 2 ferret collars 

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I've never had a problem breasting out birds and joining up rabbits and cramming them in my freezer. Too good to waste and not into wasting my time on people that want something  for nothing without without word of thanks. Its rammed with pigeon breast at the min and they will shortly become sausages and burgers. Maybe spicy meatballs if I fancy it. 

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I had ten apple trees,  lovely red eaters        folks in the next village asked can we have some apples?

Yes, help yourself,                 can't you deliver?          Thought you want them, you fetch them.

Some stayed on the trees till January the birds loved them

Someone asked are they organic ?     Yes, every one has a grub hole in it

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If they were hungry enough they would gladly be at your door but most people want to keep their rump cheeks warm all day from the moment they manage to drag themselves out the pit mid morning

I have a new-ish neighbour move in last season and as soon as I said would you like any birds the knee jerk reaction was yes, I tapped on the door with a nice brace only to be greeted with. . . . what do I do with those ( I anticipated the answer ) so had knife and ****** tray ready in my workshop, said I'll show you once and then you know how to do it. . . . .  .never heard another squeak

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