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Dominant eye correction

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Being right handed but left eye dominant I tried the BH sight. It didn’t seem to improve my scores and it wasn’t on my gun for long. 
For whatever reason this predicament has never seems to interfere with my live quarry shooting, only clays, but I have persevered with practising my mount for years, and recently discovered that that slowing down my mount and making it more deliberate, has improved my shooting dramatically in all areas. We’re never too old to learn. 🙂

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Look at the bird and put it in the pattern.  Lots of gismos about to stick on your barrels.  Find out your dominant eye and either shoot off that shoulder or have your gun adjust to fit.  I never look at the barrel of my gun never mind any bits of stuff glued to it. Learn to shoot instinctively, you don't have sights on your forefinger if you point at something.  

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12 minutes ago, Jimbo yorks said:

my eyes were then drawn to the bright red glowing thing on the end!

This was what happened when I tried one many years ago.  Now I just (unconsciously) blink the left eye as I mount the gun - and don't really 'see' the gun at all, remaining focussed on the target.

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