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Lab prices

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Hi all i am wondering if anyone can help me 

I have mated my yellow lab bitch and im trying to find a rough average price that people are charging for there lab pups 

This has been a well planned mating and both stud and dam are kc regd and both are exceptional workers with good lineage on both sides but as this is my first litter i am unsure on what would be a fair price to be asking 

Any help would be greatly appreciated 

Kind regards 


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One things for sure, the crazy lockdown prices have stopped. If you are advertising for working homes you should certainly get homes for them all.

My lab pup has a sea of red on the fathers side but as the mother wasn't registered I was able to get her for £400.

When are they due? A lot of people like to get dogs during the winter so when the longer evenings come in they are ready for more involved training, that could have an impact on price.

Good luck with them, I imagine the right people will part with £1000-£1500 if there is a good pedigree there.

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Have seen KC registed pups for as little as £700 but they average £1000 to £1500 . I contacted someone a couple of months ago about a bitch pup and the price was £3000. The pups mother was sired by a field trial champion and the sire was a field trial champion,I questioned the price and was told normal price for these dogs and would sell easily.Hopefully putting my bitch in March so will see what price i get as my bitch is sired by a international FTCH and am putting her to a FTCH. We wait and see.

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You haven’t said if both parents are fully health tested. Do either parents have any awards. It makes a big difference to price in many buyers eyes. It’s like judging a supermarket brand whisky with a 25 year old single malt.

Good luck whatever the answer. Personally I prefer working ability to a load of red ink but expect this to be reflected in price.

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Depends on breeding, health tests and hip scoring. 

One thing is for certain, the market is flooded with people who have bred any bitch they can get their hands in, people with pet bitches that your lucky if they’ve even been for a walk on a shoot, either put to any old stud, or to well bred studs and the owners trying to pass them off as working pups. 

If your bitch is actually worked and a decent worker then you shouldn’t have any problems as long as she is health tested and hip scored, as these requirements seem a much bigger priority in the retriever breeds. 


Have seen fully registered pups recently as low as £700 a pup. 

The people asking silly money still are the ones stuck with pups that should have been sold and are still with them gone 10-12+ weeks old. 

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Prices over in uk for working dogs are much higher than here in Ireland. " as low as £700"..  that's close to a €1000 euro here. That's big big money here for a working pup,Now a pup that money would  want to have serious credentials for most lads to even consider. Up to £3000!!! Not in a million years. Doesn't matter what breeding,  hip scores, or anything, the pup could turn out useless. I have  a young Springer bitch, this is her first season,she shaping up to very good,honest hard working bitch. She is a daughter of my dog. I intend to  breed her in future,  but it won't be for how much I can  command for pups,  but to keep breeding going,  as we have it 30 years. And a few lads will get the chance to buy a pup, but definitely not at extortionate price. I'd be more concerned that they would be going to proper working homes,  and well looked after.

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3 hours ago, ehb102 said:

They were selling for £2.5k here six months ago. 


Yes, mostly inflated by people buying any dog that could as a pet, the gundog lads didn't drive prices up to that level, it was supply and demand, and the massive demand came from people who wanted a dog now that they were at home the vast majority of the time. 

That demand has dropped completely now, and there are LOTS of dogs out there available, some people are still trying their luck asking for silly money, others are selling pups at prices similar to what they were before lockdown. 

Many of the people asking silly money, you may notice, have pups well beyond the age that they should have left. 

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Thing is im not wanting to make money from the pups i have mated purely to keep the bloodline going and to keep a pup back for myself my bitch is health tested the stud used isnt tho 

Its more important to me the pups go to good homes and ideally working homes at that 

I actually looked up my bitch and looked through her pedigree and her mums side has quite alot of red in a few of it say irish ftch

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