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I regularly see a guy fishing the local canal , he uses one of these , and pulls a trailer behind it .   He doesn't appear to be disabled in any way , so I can only assume that he uses it to make access easier . I've seen him a couple of miles away from his usual fishing spot , so he must travel a decent distance along the towpaths.

Edited to add.

Whilst training for the three peaks challenge,  I used to spend a lot of time on the wrekin in Telford.  One day I saw a very large lady , on a large motability scooter , with large wheels and knobbly tyres .  She was just sitting and taking in the view on a very steep section , and doubted that it would have the power or grip to go any further .  It was very impressive to watch her just drive it up the hill past me , with no bother at all , and almost totally silent .  It struck me that it would have made an excellent lamping vehicle.

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22 minutes ago, simcgunner said:

for some reason when I post a picture on this bbs it comes out inverted . I tried posting it inverted once and it came out like this I removed it and posted it the other way around still came out inverted. I haven't a clue why.


Are you using Apple Equipment?

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she is just squinting into the sunshine. if the window or door of the truck were open she would be in it. she loves that truck.  my computer is a regular HP. why photos invert on this site I don't know maybe I should pick a different photo hosting site. buggy uses a golf cart motor travels around 50kms per charge.

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