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Another call today

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I had a call yesterday that the pigeons were hitting the rape on a farm which is next to the farm with twenty odd gas guns. So after walking the pup I loaded the Disco and set out. It had been a hard frost and it was still foggy with little wind which are the type of conditions I never do well in as I like a good breeze to make the pigeons set for the decoys rather than just drift over your head and drop into the pattern.

When I arrived at the field it had about 150 birds sitting in the tall trees at the far end. Which is a long walk and also if I set up by the trees I would be shooting into the sun so I opted to shoot the other edge of the field at the trees with the slight breeze left to right. The sun was on my back through the hedge and would set to my left. This made the pattern of ten on cradles and two on the magnet in slight shadow at preset but would make the birds fly into the sun later on. All set up at 10.30.

First two birds came straight in so the set up was O K, these two went on to flying frame as if coming in from the distant trees. The next hour was steady shooting and the birds were coming back in low numbers then it just turns off the gas guns were all working around me but for an hour I never saw a bird so I decide the walk the circumference of the field and found a good number of fresh feathers, so it had been shot or an adjacent field had been shot with the wounded birds dropping in the trees around this field loads of feather groups but no carcases.

I stuck it out until 16.00 hoping that I may get a reverse flight line back to roost but only had a few stragglers return, I picked up 48 pigeons so the farmer was happy that I had kept them off for a day.


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Glad to see a smile back on your face P C , looking forward in seeing your four legged companion in the photos as well before to long .

I am pretty sure some of us would have gave it a miss in yesterdays cold , frosty weather , no wind and with a slight fog , not ideal shooting over a large area of rape , in a way the gas guns going off could have been to your advantage as it save you putting out any rope bangers and kept a few on the move.

Good bag and I hope you are feeling near to your normal self :good:


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