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12g fibre wad data for blue dot.

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Good evening all. Can anyone point me in the right direction here please. 

I've got a small amount of itm to reload and  told to use lead data for loading.  

My problem being I can not find any data in my manual or the internet for a   70mm  34/35 grm lead fibre wad load.  Plenty for plas wad. 

I've got the Lyman shotshell 5th edition manual and the only fibre load I could find was 1 bismuth load which I've loaded tonight. 


Many thanks 


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Thanks Dave. I've only got blue dot at present as I had a load of 3inch bismuth loaded for me and I've some left over.  don't really want to get a new  tub to reload 10cartridges worth. 

Think I might just hold onto it until I get more loose shot in and then buy a tub of csbo ,maxam or something similar. 

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