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Crows and sheep.


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Good morning all, 

After advice for shooting close to livestock. Only shot over crops in the past. 

I have been asked to reduce the number of crows, I can set up a hide and decoys in a choice of fields all containing grazing sheep. 

Maybe a silly question, but will the sheep just move out of the area I'm shooting, any advice will be more than welcome. 

Ragards Nick. 

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Not sure what angle you're coming from here.

Do you want the sheep to sod off so you don't have them near you?  Or do you want the sheep to stay close so you can shoot the crows amongst them?

Does the farmer want them thinning out before lambing to reduce the threat?  Or does he want you to catch them in the act, so to speak?

With a shotgun you won't keep them close once a shot is fired.  They will gallop off to the far end of the field.  However if you're taking them sniper style with a moderated rifle the sheep usually won't bolt and you can be very accurate about picking them off between the livestock.... and you'll probably have more success.

Check out some of the videos on here from @simon6ppc if you want to see some clinical corvid control! ;)

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