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Armsan a612 questions


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Finally an update for you eager folk!!!!

The gun remand in the gunsmiths for nearly 4 months awaiting a part that has still not arrived so I put post in the Wanted section to see if anyone had a spare trigger group.  Well thanks to a fine member on here by the name of Mellors I got more than a trigger group, I got a whole Armsan 612 camo verison but with broken bolt.  Not only that but a handful of spares and chokes all chucked in and the whole lot was for free, what an amazing result so thank you Mellors!!  I not only swapped the trigger group over but also the camo barrel as it will with stand the rust a bit better than the original matt black one I had.

It's definately one of a kind now with a camo barrel and trigger group and I still have the other gun for spares!

One of a kind.jpg

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Glad to hear that you got sorted.  I have to say that I rate the Armsan - given that it is a 'cheap' gas auto.  I have personally, sorted out the issue with the very stiff bolt release button.

Contact Magload - they have a website.  They supplied me with their own make extended button and the internal part of the bolt release which came from the Beretta 1301 Comp.  This solution works very well.



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