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went out today with some hope with a strong wind blowing recent outings on rape haven't been good to say the least, and again today i drove to a block of rape 3 fields separated from each other with one  field that is unshootable roads and houses  surrounding it and as the title that's the field they wanted birds piling in from all directions great, i spotted a line coming over the lane across a wheat field to the rape so only hope was set up on the wheat field and intercept the line luckily a line was passing a spinney at the top end of the field i set up there with just the rotary to start and immediatley i had birds coming over towards me i started badly missing my first 6 shots in a row with birds being blown about on the wind i had a word with myself and got my act together and started connecting with them was a steady afternoon shot from 12.30 till 3.30pm i could see the rape field from where i shot and the traffic was constant to it birds passed 100 yards from me all afternoon  not breaking the line to the rape if i could of shot that field i would come off it with a 3 figure bag but made the most of it from where i could shoot ended up with 33 picked and 2 i couldn't pick from the water in the spinney behind me 



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You made the most of the situation and ended up with a respectable bag , I have often decoyed a Winter Wheat / Barley field when the wind was wrong , or when they were crossing the grain field to get to the rape and found they can decoy a treat and are easy to find , well worth trying .

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