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Not my usual sunday roast


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Fancied something a bit different today instead of the usual roast beef Yorkshire puddings and gravy etc.

My Sunday dinner consisted of local reared grass fed Angus brisket in a  baguette and some garlic and cheese roasties. 

£6 for brisket, still have a few spuds knocking around from the Christmas bag, add cheese, garlic, onions and butter...and a little BBQ sauce.

Not much to look at but the taste really was something else.




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1 hour ago, WalkedUp said:

Beef looks great, and good value too. I love barbecued food but cannot eat BBQ sauce - lots of people swear by it though. A nice change for Sunday dinner. 

Was looking at my plate thinking it was a bit of a small meal but I was pleasantly stuffed afterwards.

The beef comes from a farm i get my milk from, pasteurised on their farm and comes out of a vending set up. They started to do free range Dexter and Belted Galloway beef, almost exclusively grass fed, but it quickly got that popular hes had to supplement supply by adding in a few Angus cows as well.

His next stocking is already slaughtered and on the hook and should be ready coming up near valentines day, I've more brisket, some sirloins and beef strips for stir fry on order already 😋 

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