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Hi all basically a follow on from a previous post 

Had a confirmation scan on my yellow lab bitch today and had 6 pups confirmed seen in the scan the friend who did the scan said there will more then likely be more but she could confirm there are pups so im absolutely made up and looking forward to the next few weeks to come

Now my question to the more experienced 

Is there a way to tell when i may need to intervein or help when she is in labour?

At what age would be best to register the pups with the kc?

I have my whelping box ready and have already got her sleeping and getting used to the box, iv got puppy formula and bottles ready incase my bitch needs a hand 

And got a whelping kit also just incase

Thanks in advance guys i know these questions have probably already been asked and answered many times

Thanks guys


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Go and get a cheap indoor cctv like a tapo from amazon lets you watch from a distance when the time comes.....id say if 30mins after she breaks if pushing  and nothing coming get to the vet for a cut and shut.....

As for kc you need to wait to you see how many actually make it to passing on time the process is all online and fairly quick so no need for a rush at the start....

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