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Humberside Shooting Ground


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19 hours ago, Mr grumpy said:

Is it just dtl?

Think you may be getting confused with Beverley (east yorks shooting ground) which is predominantly trap but also does other.

Been to Humberside once it's about 10 mile east of the Beverley ground in Brandsburton . Like initial post says, some good stands and plenty of them.

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We visited during a weekend in Scarborough last Oct. Really enjoyed it. The staff were all pleasant and the ground was well maintained. Clays weren't over-priced and there were loads of different stands and positions to shoot from. I'd struggle to shoot the whole place, from each position, in a day I think.

Most stands have 4-6 traps, with at least 2 different shooting positions, so a group could be on a stand a while, but there are plenty to choose from and nobody should be stood around waiting for long.

Gun hire is only a tenner too, we didn't partake but a bloke and his young lad tried out a gun that looked a great fit for the youngster.

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It's a very very strange place, you'll understand if you have been before!

It's got a good selection but they never change the traps.

They also need to get a grip of some of the people who go there, last time I went I got peppered by a bloke whilst stood in the cage and people walking around with semi autos like they are on patrol in afghan.

For all its short comings it's a good ground, just needs a good tidy and some tlc. I think there's going to be changes in the future so fingers crossed it will improve. Could be a fantastic ground!

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I was stood on the stand with the pond infront of it (the one with the rat)

A group of people using the set up next door to it, next thing bang and I'm stinging all up my left leg and back and pellets are pinging off the metal cage around me.

They had shot where the clay emerged from the undergrowth about 4ft infront of the trap. 

Luckily they were clay cartridges and there was a bit of undergrowth and the peg board to take the energy a little out of them.


Quickly legged it off the stand after that! 


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