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updated license details or renewal

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Hi hope some of the pigeon watch members might be able to advise/shed some light on this for me?

Recently moved into are first house & my shotguns are currently stored at my parents address as that's where they are registered at. I have now installed my cabinet at my new home & would like to move the guns to where i now live permanently have been on the firearms licensing website & there is a part where you seem to just update your details & then i imagine a new certificate is sent out to you at your new address ? 

I also noticed last night while checking my certificate that it expires in 12 months time would it be worth just applying for a renewal certificate at my new address & having the firearms officer come & inspect the cabinet & general house security?

Any advise welcome ? cheers 

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3 hours ago, TIGHTCHOKE said:

Most licensing authorities will want your renewal in to them in good time.

But not a year early.

Update your details and await a letter from them seeking your renewal submission about 5 months before your renewal.



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When I moved I just had to email my details and change of address. At that time I they had to be informed within 7 days. A week later i had a visit from my FAO to check my cabinet and supply my new certificate. He also took my old certificate which had the old details. As above wait till closer the time for a renewal.

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