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Trailer Security


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Any recommendations out there for trailer security?    With so many Ifor Williams getting stolen, I need to beef up my security.      Trouble is, I have a cordless grinder and all the products I can see would pose no significant problem if I happened to lose my keys!   

I have a ground anchor installed and available, Halfords job, but  not got a chain or padlock for it yet. being under the trailer it would make life difficult for me locking it  and the thief.

Bought a great Lionweld Denver boot at a car boot sale brand new, but discover one piece missing - gotta be some irony there.....

Yeah I guess I can block it in...

And I have wireless sensors dotted about, they are a great investment at £60 for 3 and a base unit from Amazon.



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After you have removed the wheels refit one locking wheel nut on eat hub. This is a rite pain to undo as the hubs just spin when they try to undo them. I also have a hidden tracker on my expensive stuff and cost me £4 a month which is nothing and they contact me as soon as the tracker is moving. 

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