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A few crackers on the wind


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Earlier today Jdog was kind enough to take me out, kinda still the field was less than 5 minutes from my house. We met up on the edge of the road, the field some 10 minutes walk away. Nestled at the bottom of a slight hill with a stream running behind us. Tall fir woods some mile or so in front and a comically  strong wind blowing right to left. The gusts were easily 40-50 mph and i had to borrow some tent pegs.  

The sky overcast with sporadic sun that was exactly in the wrong place and an odd crop that wasn't rape but similar. 

We set up around a willow and chucked the rotary out with 2 floaters. We didn't wait long. The first screamer tore through the pattern before pulling some serious g force, stopping, turning about and then tried to enter. Needless to say I missed. The next couple were similar. Jdog dropped the first few birds whilst i battled with these rockets. Eventually dropping some. 


Some came straight in front and these jinke and diced, closing their wings like mini rockets and often sailing past untouched by the ozs of lead We sent its way. ⁷

A few from the left appeared motionless as they approached but this was deceiving, those from anywhere else could easily be over 80mph and provided the very best sport. 

The main line had moved to the far right of an adjoining field. We could have moved and the birds would have been considerably more numerous and easier to hit but that wasn't the point of the day.

We had some fantastic fun in the relatively brief couple of hours, I stopped a screamer coming from the right at about 20 feet,, it landed about 40 yards past where it folded and turned upside down due to it's speed. The dog had a similar bird to the left and behind that must have been  50 yards when shot and going like a bat out of hell as well  

Great day. 

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Nice one Ginger Cat , the weather at the moment seem the talking point as we had a lot of trees and branches down , some of these were on the tracks leading to the rape fields so driving to the field is out of the question , not only the trees that are down are a problem so are the waterlogged tracks 

Saturday afternoon was far to wet for me to go roost shooting and yesterday when I went out to have a look for this Saturday it poured a rain yet again , still it can't last forever and they do talk about a decent weekend coming our way , fingers crossed .

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Nice report 

Sounds like an exciting session with high speed pigeons.

Sometimes I miss easy shots when I have too much time to think- on other occasions I have connected with birds which just flash past and completely surprise me.

I am heading out tomorrow- first time in ages- I haven’t done a proper recce as I am just back from a mini break away.



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