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Pcp recommendation


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I’m looking to purchase a pcp air rifle. 

I have mainly been shooting shotguns and fac rifles but after seeing the range at a clay ground I’m now thinking of getting a air gun. 

I have around £400 as a budget - can I have some recommendations on what I should get for that price? 

Main use will be at the range but will do a bit of pest control also. 

thank you in advance 

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If your gonna plink on a range as the main use  .I'd recommend a breakbarrel springer . In either caliber .

A pcp can get really boring very quickly as they are very accurate and just hit everything you aim at with just a little skill and input  .where the springer will challenge you and actually improve your shooting technique  for the cf..

I'd recommend a quality gun either a hw 98  / 95 / 99  or a bsa lightening  .i recently bought a smk xs20 which is really nice to shoot also . Put a  hawke 3-9x 40  scope on it  and enjoy the whole process .

I'd steer clear of the underleavers as they can be a bit of a pain to load sitting at a bench .


Oh just realised you said pcp above .

Well a gun with a high shot count will always be good saves filling up so often .

.22 cal uses less air . Maybe a bsa scorpion .

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I would say Air Arms all the way the local clay club has the 200s in all its ranges which speak volumes to me , i have a s300 the only down side for pest control is its single shot and ive thought about altering it but its put a lot of rabbits away 

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I back up on Air Arms and in particular the S200 range. Loading is not a problem if you buy one with the magazine conversion. You have ten shots and can but a second magine. In addition look for a Hawk Airmax scope with side parralax. Both may stretch your £400 but will be well worth the extra few quid.


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Your first decision will be .22 or .177! The old saying ".177 for feather .22 for fur" still holds true. I know that most of the You Tube rat shooting videos show them using a .177 but at the same distance a well zeroed .22 will kill just as well AND can be used for through the shoulder shots and, as it is a .22, will give more shots per charge of air that will a .177. Also I have found that a .22 PCP doesn't as such benefit much from being regulated (having a device fitted to deliver a certain measured charge of air to each shot) whereas for best performance from a .177 having it regulated is a big benefit. It's your call. I like the older plastic stock BSA Scorpion T-10. 

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On 24/02/2022 at 14:43, samadams21 said:

I’m thinking of looking in to some of the gamo pcp’s although very plastic. They have had good reviews. 


The Phox gets spoken highly of. 

But you'll get a better gun second hand. 

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Because ALL PCP's available today's are capable of incredible performance and consistency, with very little shooter input, then simply go for the one you like and fits your budget. 

This is the perfect thread to get recommendations for rifles that work for the individuals posting but in a specific situation. Non of that means it would suit your needs at all. 

Very lucky to be able to have such an easy choice. 

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