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Putin announces 'military operation' in Ukraine.


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4 minutes ago, Smokersmith said:

Putin’s phrase of ‘those who choose to interfere will experience something never seen before in history’ is the most chilling of all.

What choice will the West make now ? 

Nothing really, the west won’t March without orders from the USA.  And Russia has the Biden family in their pocket. 

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1 hour ago, bluesj said:

Looks like thing could start to get tough for everyone!

make sure your freezer is full!

No point, the electric will be going off soon 😆

So, while the West has been going soft spending it’s days tearing itself apart over gender pronouns and safe spaces for the easily offended, Vlad has been busy poisoning off political opposition and hardening up his military - the state sponsored football hooligan training camps and persistent State Sponsored doping were a clue as to what the West was facing.

Europe’s dependency on Russian energy was / is the biggest mistake of all. 

Just remember that at the last general election we had a choice between Boris and Jeremy Corbyn. The same Jeremy Corbyn who whole heartedly took Russia’s side in the Salisbury poisonings and the same Jeremy Corbyn that said we should send our evidence to Russia to let them determine if the radioactive poison was theirs, as was alleged by the West.

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3 minutes ago, oldypigeonpopper said:

Hello, Sanctions won't stop bombs and bullets !!!!!! 

This is all about the air.

Putin’s concern is a NATO enforced no fly zone and which is why he issued this statement. NATO won’t get directly involved because of the risk of escalation to who knows where.

Putin has already done a deal with Xi (they met face to face 3 weeks ago and they just don’t do that). The big issue is if China moves on Taiwan, sensing discord and weakness in the west. 


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8 minutes ago, countryman said:

Don’t panic, we have Boris and his wife to save the day, no doubt they will soon be slapping a ban on all Petrol and Diesel cars in Russia, that should stop them.

And the only other choice was Corbyn.

But yes, time to put the breaks on the green energy initiatives - needs must ‘n that.

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2 hours ago, captainhastings said:

Nothing is beyond the realms of possibility now sadly. Who would have thought a virus would sweep the world and you wouldn't be allowed to go out side other than exercise in the UK. The less we do the better and just shut up and mind our business unless threatened in my book

Because turning a blind eye always works with mad dictators.

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Today is the day ground forces mobilized in the first gulf war, "the begining of the end", and here we are 32 years later with the world tetering on a precipice because another mad dictator has decided he can do what he wants.

What happens now? who knows, most likely putin gets his way and takes Ukraine as the rest of the world watches because they fear ww3.

I have a Son serving, and now know the feelings my Parents had when i went to different hostile places.

Today is a sad day.

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