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Scotts porridge oats


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Years ago a Scottish bloke told me SPO was the only one and it has proven to be true until yesterday when Tesco substituted ( blue label ) for the same brand but gave us old fashioned porridge oats ( yellow label ), they look larger and yesterday's brekkie was terrible and used the same ratio and cooking time as normal. Today slightly better by letting them to soak a while before cooking and not cooking for the full amount of time. These are nothing like the ones we have used for years. . . . just giving you all the heads up on this surprisingly amazing difference; don't do it, I have warned you, they not good

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We buy our porridge oats in bags from Sainsburys; I have no idea what brand it is, but Flahaven is a good one. 
The best I’ve ever had was while working in Durnamuck when we stayed at the Dundonnel Hotel, right on the edge of Little Loch Broom. 
It was made with water but served with a dollop of cream un the middle and sprinkled with brown sugar as the starter to a full Scottish. Fabulous. 🙂

Sorry, I got carried away with the memory. 

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28 minutes ago, Stonepark said:

Tesco Organic Whole rolled oats are my fav at present.


100g oats, large pinch salt and 300ml milk, bring just short of boil, turn cooker off, put lid on and come back 15min later.


Serve with jam or honey at side.


Sounds Yum (but without the salt). Cheapest oats for me though. I see, close up, much of the work of so called organic farms 😂

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Jumbo oats, gold-top milk, a few fat raisins. In the microwave, on the simmer setting, for 17 minutes whilst I have a shave. 

And if we don't have gold-top, ordinary milk with a glug of cream.


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12 hours ago, Lloyd90 said:

Ready-brek 👍🏻 


Ready-brek with heather honey. Add dried milk, then just mix in some boiling water. No messy milk pan. All made in one bowl.

I buy the proper porridge oats in 1kg bags from Aldi and run them through my flour mill to make rough oat flour. Oat and wheat bread, 300g wheat flour 100g oat flour. 

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YUK!!  The only thing I use them for is coating venison liver slices. Dip slices in beaten egg then roll in oats and then into the skillet.  The oats keep the liver off the surface and prevent it getting that leathery texture.   I add some Tony C's Cajun mix to the oats as well.

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Adult's eating ready-brek?  Isn't that for kids. 

Being Irish ,it's Waterfords finest in Flahavans progress oatlets. They do various oats with dried fruit in them and even one for Kid's called ''Super Oats'' a smoother grade than the adult's, but still not as baby foody-ish as ready-brek.The idea is it will cook faster.

I cook it on the hob(don't own a microwave) every other morning for me and the children. Made with non homogenised milk from a local ''Milk bar'' the milk goes into a vending machine from 50 yards from were the cows are milked.

I take it with local honey and blueberries and a sprinkling of demerara sugar. If sprinkled on when hot and left to sit for a minute or two, it creates a nice caramel syrup. The children just have the sugar and golden syrup.

I used to do the steeping overnight in the fridge but found it created gale force winds 🌬 for most of the day. The steeping overnight makes it quicker to cook but for the sake of an extra couple of minutes stirring, I just make it fresh. One cup of oats to 2 1/2 cups of preferred liquid of choice (No salt) and 5 minutes later you have a nice creamy porridge.


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