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Gundog training dummies


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Traditionally I've always used the canvas dummy for training my spanners but never really liked them,have any of you used the plastic dimpled one's or recommend something different ,I can see that the dumbbell one may encourage the dog to pick it in the middle rather than the end. 

As Tom is showing a lot of promise and learning fairly quickly I thought that I would replace the dummies for when the time is right. 

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We used to make dummies from lengths of hessian, from corn sacks.

A strip 15" wide, and  about 5" long, turn the edges in about 2" each side, and glue with Copydex, and roll up.  When the glue has set, it's bit like a dumbell, with a soft middle, which May ? encourage a soft mouth. Also they will float for a while.

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1 hour ago, Dave at kelton said:

My concern with plastic dummies is they slip in the dogs mouth and they can get in the habit of throwing it back to get a better grip. Lots of other alternatives here and include stuffed socks.

I would avoid stuffed socks. Your socks will never be safe after that. 🤷‍♀️

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