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Spinning Wing Decoy - Air Pro

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I know there is not a lot of love out there for these. I have a small project that I would like to try a couple of these out on. Wondering if anyone has a couple that they would be willing to part with ...... I hear a lot of them end up in the bin....... Not looking to use them on wood pigeons but feral barn pigeons.




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1 hour ago, marsh man said:

Delivery might be a bit more than that to Canada :hmm:


1 hour ago, new to the flock said:

By the time you pay ebay, import duties and exchange they would be very expensive decoys.


My apologies I didnt see your location ! You could possibly try make some d.i.y ones up that's how all decoys started out I imagine. Pop bottle some felt & a metal rod for the wings to swing on 

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