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Supersonic (by intention) goat hunt (NZ)

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My last goat hunt was unsuccessful despite having multiple opportunities to take an animal. In short, I misjudged distance when shooting a subsonic round which resulted in a clear miss and very dry conditions made stalking difficult. On this next hunt, I took some supersonic rounds with me and used private farm land (which I permission to cross) to cover distance more quietly. 

 Early start. Found a turkey roosting tree which is a bonus. I'll be back in the winter to harvest some for the freezer.



Even the farm land isn't easy! Half way up a steep 400m incline to get to the bush.



Rewarded with a nice view.



A previous encounter?



Border of private and public land. Forest is very open by local standards.



Made myself comfortable and waited for the goats to appear. As concealment, my legs could pass as tree trunks!



Planned to sit there for a few hours, but got bored after one hour and went for a walk! Some promising sign...



Heard a few bleats and saw a small group of goats coming towards me. Three quick shots and three animals down. Normally, I only take one or maybe two, but we are dangerously short of meat at home and since we don't buy meat...



The Hornady 300BLK FTX rounds were devastating. Animals fell where they were shot and exsanguinated on the spot. The rounds were no louder than the Hornady Sub-X "subsonic" rounds I had been using previously. Obviously, they were going supersonic, so over the past year, I have been hunting with one hand tied behind my back for no benefit whatsoever.  Do not buy Hornady Sub-X ammunition!

Anyway, on with the meat harvest.





In an effort to travel lighter, I have forsaken my Pikau-style bag for a fold-up backpack. I really didn't plan on putting this much meat in to it and didn't expect it to last the trip, but it held up.



Tough walk back with a heavy backpack, but it was worth it. Spooked a lovely looking fawn-coloured goat. If it hadn't bleated, I would have sworn that it was a deer! 



Back home. Meat was hung in the fridge for 24 hours before further processing.





Mrs Houseplant had her own success with a bumper crop from the garden. I'm seeing a spicy goat curry with tropical fruits and pickles in our future!





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Brilliant report. When there I don't believe I found anywhere level. Turangi town was about the only place.  Some superb country, which part was that ?  I hunted in the North western corner of the North Island which looked very similar and the place was heaving with goats and pigs.  Memories of walking down the archways of the Kiwi fruit vines and picking overipe fruit off the floor which was delcious and juicy not like the unripe Kiwis we get here in the UK.  Some excellent eating there as well, well worth the efoort. Keep the stories coming

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That looks trully scrumptious.

did 4weeks in NZ in a camper van on our honeymoon ( close to 20 years happily married ) it’s on the bucket list to do it again with some of my retirement money.

where about in nz are you .

atb Agriv8 

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Posted (edited)

Cheers. I'm in Northland, which believe it or not is in the north of the country. Worst place in NZ for hunting and trout fishing, but some of the best saltwater fishing in the world.

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