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Big fish, little adventure! (NZ)

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Had a fairly standard fishing trip planned for Saturday. I can't build it up too much, dropped a lure down and hooked a big fish on light tackle straight away. For the first time in a long time, thought I'd snagged the bottom and it turned out to be a fish!

After a dogged rather than exciting fight, it popped up 30 minutes later. No chance of release. It was dead on hitting the surface due to a combination of exhaustion and barotrauma. Not my favourite eating size, but nothing will be wasted. We will even smoke the head and frame.




After that, continued fishing and hooked up on two out of three drops with smaller, but respectable specimens. The fishing really is quite exceptional. Anyway, that was enough fish, so headed off to pick up my son Alex for a boy's adventure.

Passed some stunning scenery on the way back in.



We planned to explore the local harbour. Despite being literally on our doorstep, we haven't seen much of it. First stop was the "Four Poster". Not sure of the history, but odd too see such a structure standing in the water all by itself. 



On we went to Limestone Island, so called because it was a limestone mine for many years. On a deserted island covered with rainforest, you could be forgiven for thinking this was a Mayan ruin!



Time for a rest and some snacks.



Next stop was Rat Island. Despite the name, it was quite a scenic spot covered with mangroves. Alex enjoyed beach combing and finding "treasure".





After that, we did a little bit more fishing in the harbour with limited success before heading home. A fun morning with some quality father-son time.



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1 hour ago, Raja Clavata said:

Awesome stuff. I wonder if anyone is running a rig like that for fishing in the UK...

Think I've seen a couple on YouTube. Jetski fishing is a really big thing in Australasia. Seadoo make models all setup for fishing. Just add tackle and go. Have to say after a lifetime of fishing from the rocks/shore/bank, getting afloat is a complete game changer. Doesn't have to be a ski, even a kayak opens up a new world.

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