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Cremated me tatties

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Boil for 2 minutes, rough them up in a colander then Roast in Oil at 190 for 30 minutes, remove the tray and turn the tatties and the tray, back in the oven and turn at 15 minute intervals till perfect (about 3 turns), I'm not a good cook but this way works every time. 

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Just finished a baked tattie, 8x4x3 tattie, oiled, spiked, salt and pepper in 190c oven for just short 2 hours.

Ate insides with butter and coronation coleslaw and then ate (the still crispy) skins on their own.... Yum!

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1 hour ago, marsh man said:

Tell yer what Harry , that look like a real mans dinner to me , you boys certainly live well up North , look bootiful as we say down this way . 

Our roast spuds are alright as our aunt Betty get them all prepared 😋

I enjoyed it, thanks 👍👍

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On 17/03/2022 at 11:58, mel b3 said:

Those potatoes look great , I'd just need twice as many 🙂.


22 hours ago, Bigbob said:

Aye they look fime  i love roast or baked potatoes as i eat the skin  then the wifes potato skins i reckon most of the taste is just under the skins 

I might wash and roast the skins next time, good idea 👍👍

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