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8 !

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Well as there haven't been many posts of late I am forced to write one!

I had planned a morning on the drillings but work got in the way so I was only left with an hour in the afternoon.  As I walked down to the bottom of the field 60 or so pigeons flew out of the trees and away to a wood about half a mile away.

As it was bright and sunny with not much wind I wasn't sure any would come back so sat about to see what would happen, one returning bird in 10 mins was enough encouragement for me so I chucked out 8 shell decoys and waited!

I was keen to get a shot as after a long bout of Gunnitus which resulted in the purchase of an Armsan 612 from the Jan Holts auction (still in the gunsmiths awaiting a shell lifter so yet to be used!), a Benelli Supernova which I just found too big and heavy but very well built, I was back out with my Winchester SXP pump which I daftly sold two years ago and bought back last week!

So the first bird came in while I was putting the net up so  left un-saluted.  The next pair, dropped the first but failed to connect with the second.  The next hour produced what I would call a steady stream of birds but for those further South I suspect it would have been too slow and wouldn't have warranted the effort!  You have to remember that up here in the far North (Inverness-shire) any more than a brace is a good days pigeon shooting and a red letter day is if you get into double figures!  Being back with the SXP was great and after an hour the tractor came into the field to finish rolling it so with 8 in the bag for 13 shots including a right and left plus a sitter that doesn't really count I left with nearly a red letter day!

As you can probably tell from the photo, the gundog is also the family pet as is the way with Cockers!




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Nothing wrong with eight , if you are in a poorly populated area for Pigeons then in the short time you were decoying then it was a good result .

P S     My Lab is seven years old and out every day of the week and yet he still like talking one of his fluffy toys every time we go out and I think he will continue until his time is up :lol:

Great photo by the way .:good:

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On my perm in the last 2 outings I've had 3 birds total. 3 birds in one hour one day. The only other birds I saw where on the farm house roof, not exactly safe shooting so they lived on. The farm next door has drilled and covered in birds but I have no permission to shoot. No-one does. It's one of those orgasmic growers don't like anyone or anything places because they know better than anyone else.

My perm is mostly waterlogged with a thin surface crust. They're next planning for the end of April put off twice so far.

I keep going on, show my face, recce, shoot if I get chance but mostly I watch the other wildlife.

Last went Monday morning, brilliant sunshine, not a breath of wind. T shirt weather. Should have been there this morning but my legs decided not to work so it's going to be Friday now.

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