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Under Pressure

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Last weekend we put ourselves under pressure as we had an order for forty fresh birds now normally that would be easily sorted but we had rape fields that have been subjected to shooters , rope bangers etc. So we set out to find some birds to shoot and crops to protect. After many miles we ended up on two neighbouring farms as these had the only flighting birds we could find. We shared the decoys having six each to start the day  and not to bore you we had a hard fought battle with the birds to achieve our target with my contribution being 23 and DB 16 , total  39.

This weekend we had a further target of twenty fresh birds which we thought was easy to achieve.

We had an invite from the Coventry Lads, Topgunners  to go and help them with a concern they had with some rape. The farmer had seen a good number of birds hitting it in the week and asked the Lads to sort it out. As its a large expanse of rape with multiple flightlines crossing it they requested our help as “ Rent a Crowd” and cover the field.

So after picking up DB at 7,30 we ventured down the motorway to the Medieval City of Coventry and met the lads at Mucky D’s. We quickly drove to the required field of rape and viewed the expanse of yellow flowers. After the customary extraction of urine we watched the field and in approx an hour and a half we watched twenty birds cross the rape on various lines, not impressive at all . So our hosts suggested that we set up and they would drive round and try and find birds. The younger of the lads had seen a good number on the field the day before late in the afternoon so we were counting on that.

By midday we had 12 and the lads said that they would come  back after looking for the birds with no luck so we suggested that they set up on a group of trees in the centre of the field as the birds were starting to fly to them. Before they returned we saw a couple walk through the rape and spread a blanket on the ground between the trees. When the lads walked up to set up we phoned them to have a video recorder running on their phones as the young lady was bobbing up and down with excitement being out in the fresh air and sunshine. They quickly left the area.

It was now getting on for 14.00 and the lads had a steady line of birds going to their decoys and we had a few spooked birds divert to our decoys. Eventually they ran out of the few steel carts that they had taken to the trees and DB replenished them along with taking his dog to help them pack up.

We finished shooting at 17.15 and combined the total for a picture for the farmer the lads had shot 113. And we had 64 with the total for the day 177, happy farmer.

Our thanks to Topgunners for inviting two wrinkles’’ out to shoot. The Craic was excellent along with the additional entertainment. The shooting was good also.   



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Great team effort and once again your bag was justly deserved , you wouldn't normally think that getting 20 between two of the top Pigeon shooters would be any problem for a full days shooting , you achieved it in the end but it just go to show how difficult it can be at times .

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