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Sadly had to say goodbye to my oldest dog a couple of months ago as life was getting difficult for him at 13 1/2. I also retired my 12 year old at the end of the season. So down to a team of only three dogs it was time look for another pup. Having one very hot dog, permanently on rocket fuel, I was looking for something calmer. So I was set on finding a fully health tested yellow lab dog with the red ink four or so generations back and at a price I was prepared to pay. Once I have what I want, as I don’t breed, the pedigree goes in the file so is of no additional value.

I am pleased to say I found just the pup ten days ago so meet Sam. He is being crate trained in the house for the first few months while we get him clean, build a bond and get him used to a relaxed life. He settled in straight away with not a peep all night and now been clean too since the second night. He seems to be a thinker and often just sits and takes in the surroundings whether that is bees buzzing around or leaves blowing about. 

I know it’s all down to me but first impressions are good so fingers crossed 🤞 we will navigate the next two years successfully before he joins the team. 


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48 minutes ago, ditchman said:

nice shape and colour..nice tight eyes good stop strong legs big chest......see why you chose him.......will he darken a bit as he gets older ?

Hoping he will darken up but happy with that, good for the winter merses.

30 minutes ago, Walker570 said:

Hadsome young pup and a very intelligent face.  As Ditchie says , nice eyes.  Looks like he could give you another 14 years of pleasure.

Give him a hug from this big softie down in the Midlands.

Will do!

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