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Easterly wind

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I hadn’t done a proper recce yesterday but had patch of well eaten OSR where I knew they would be.

I couldn’t get out till 1pm - and it wasn’t until I parked in the gateway of the field that I realised that an easterly wind was blowing which resulted in the pigeons wanting to tuck in close to a hedge on the roadside edge of the field. I spotted a few coming onto the field through a gap in some willow trees so I decided to give it a go.

I had the sillo’s out and I had to stand side on  to the wind as it was making my eyes water. First one came in - nice  easy shot, which I completely missed followed by another which I also missed.

Next came 4 - straight in, double shot and I had 2 for the magnet - which began to pull them in - not fast and furious but enough to keep me interested.

In my part of Northumberland an easterly wind is cold - straight off the sea, and I was doing an impression of a gun dog to keep warm.

Every so often a few would come directly from behind, and it was really good over head shooting- most of which were dead in the air.

4pm came and was ready to pack up with 16 pigeons in the bag and one lost in the fast flowing stream under the willows.

Not a huge bag but my first day out in weeks which I really enjoyed.

This field is eaten down and I will return - when the west wind makes an welcome return.



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Nice one Hitman , I know exactly what you mean when you get an Easterly wind blowing straight off the sea , today down here it was more South Easterly than Easterly so it wasn't that bad , still you picked a good day to be out and your bag was not to be sneezed at .

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17 minutes ago, maxwell said:

A good effort in a cold biting wind, all on the grass round here.

That’s interesting- I have also seen good numbers on grass but not on shootable fields. Back before OSR was in abundance my old dad had his best days on drillings followed by clover.


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