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Webley Xocet .22 - Silencer?


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Help please PW's - On my travels today I found an old Webley Exocet .22 that had been left (really) in an outside toilet. The stock is broken at the hand (not all the way through) and it's obviously a tad rusty.

The barrel will not "break" and is now soaking in releasing fluid. I'm sure a tap with a wooden mallet will free it. 

My question is - The silencer is a grub screw fit, I undid the tube as the grub screw was seized and waited for the baffles to fall out and get lost but the silencer tube was empty - is this standard?

I'm sure with a little fettling the rifle can be restored so any info appreciated please?

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Update, the gun now cocks and fires and my goodness what a bang! It is as loud as a .22 rimfire without the silencer. Screwing the silencer back on the report is reduced by about 50% (but I'm deaf so hard to be accurate)

The rust has come off as well!

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