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8 bore choke

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Due to the differing bore size in 8b's, you really need to get the bore and choke measured to work out the constriction if you are looking for an empirical choke measurement in thousandths of an inch.

Emperically for a true 8 bore (0.835inch), imperial measurements at choke should be approximately


Cyl 0.835

1\4 0.824

1\2 0.812

3\4 0.806

Full 0.789

XFull 0.784


Otherwise for your preferred loading count the pellets in a cartridge and then fire it at a 40yards, and count the pellets in a 30" circle to work out the percentage choke which gives the most reliable and accurate measurement.

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27 minutes ago, Ferretlurcher1970 said:

Hello stone park 

Bore is 00.838"

Choke is .8017"

So would you say 1/2 to 3/4 ?

For a true 0.835inch 8 Bore, 3/4 choke would be about a 6.8% constriction, and 7/8 (light Full) choke a 9.4% constriction.

0.8017 on a 0.838 bore is a 8.5% constriction, which would suggest something along the lines of 13/16, sitting between 3/4 and Light full.

I would be expecting (assuming shot was good quality and cartridge well balanced), at least 65% patterns with lead and 70%+ with steel or heavy shot.

As mentioned above, patterning it 40 yards and counting pellets in a 30 inch circle and comparing to number in an unfired cartridge is the only way to be certain.

% Pellets in 30 inch circle at 40 yards: -
Cylinder 40%
Improved Cylinder 50%
Quarter 55%
Half 60%
Three-quarters 65%
Full 70%


Guys gun above appears to be effectively choked XFull, XFull, which is also not uncommon on dedicated wildfowling guns.

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The buffer is usually tipped in after the shot is added ... I use an electric toothbrush to help it settle into the voids, but with BB's it should flow down well.

On the 'non-plastic' ... that's an area that needs more work I think. I know one thread on here where ground coffee was suggested as an option.


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