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I see there are some very knowledgeable folk on the forum so hopefully someone may have an idea. I have a punt gun - with no makers name. It is a quality gun and the action is quite distinctive so someone might recognise it. It is 9' long, 1 13/16th diam bore (as far as I can tell). All the screws are individually numbered and she weighs just over 100lbs Unfortunately she didn't come with a punt so I made up a trolley to take up the recoil and transport her about. The screw thread is interesting - it slopes at the front but the rear of the threads is vertical - I guess to take the pressure - I understand this is know as a buttress or Archimedean thread. As you see it is a breech loader with dovetail cases which slide into the breech face. There is a 15 thou taper on the chamber so I assume it was designed for brass cartridges - I had three made as it didn't come with any. It also has a 10 thou taper on the dovetail slot, which makes it really easy to load the cases - not something I imagine you would find in a cheap and cheerful gun. It also comes in a 12' fitted oak box - unfortunately no label. As she is too big for wildfowling her next outing will be on the Queens jubilee weekend - I am assuming it is open season on 40 gallon oil drums by then?

Here are a couple of links to  some slow motion video clips......






003 (2).jpg

009 (3).jpg











puntgun 014.jpg

puntgun 015.jpg













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Thanks for all those comments - I had thought it was around or just prior to 1900 - so good to get confirmation. The barrel is encased in shrunk on, grey painted canvas. I suppose there may be a name somewhere underneath but it would be a great shame to disturb it. I found another photo which I thought might amuse - you can see the shot cloud emerging from the front of the smoke cloud. IMG_5291acrop2.jpg.29c4931dd8ada40dc8bfd03e5f262a2a.jpgJohn

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