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moss strapped to trees

charlie b

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took the grand  daughters for a walk in the local wood yesterday and spotted loads of balls of moss about cricket ball size strapped to tree branches with black plastic any ideas what they are for was thinking might be for insects  to burrow into or encourage side shoots on the trees

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On 18/04/2022 at 20:28, Bigbob said:

Normaly the moss would be held on by strips of polythene wonder what species it was as most are done from seeds these days 

Plants from seed give no guarantee of an exact genetic replica of the original whereas air layering does?

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50 minutes ago, PeterHenry said:

The only problem with air layering / grafting is that you will get a full sized tree - unlike with conventional grafting / bud grafting where you get to decide on the rootstock.

It’s not a problem I’ve got plenty of space to plant them and full size will be good 👍 

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21 minutes ago, charlie b said:

 Here is a picture of the moss strapped to the trees that i took. There are others on google with methods for how to do it.


Thank you 

thinking if I pick the right branch I’ll get a good shaped trees 

many thanks for posting 😊👍

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