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having a quick chile con-carne today..........made the meat part last night.......

do you know ....that the "ORIGINAL" chile con-carne didnt contain beans !!!!!!

i rekon the original con-carne was also made from goat meat...and served with maize patties.............i will do it one day and do a write up ....:good:

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Get yourself over to Mexico, often contains chocolate which catches a lot of people out.

When I was out there I hated the re-fried beans, but they are a staple of the diet.

Oh and we used to eat large chilis stuffed with various meat and cheese, not for the faint hearted!

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The small local eating places in South Texas used goat meat. Most of these where run by Mexican family businesses and produced some superb food.  They did tend to use beans in many of their various dishes.  My wife will make one up using any left over lamb from Sunday dinners. If you have a look on Amazon you can buy Tony C's Cajun mix.

It makes a good addition to most things and my friend in the States believes they would put it on their ice cream. Not cheap but you only need a pinch and a pot will last a year or more.

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24 minutes ago, mgsontour said:

Make a lasagne with CCC rather than spag bol sauce, it makes a real nice twist assuming you like both dishes in the first place

EXCELLENT.................im going to make myself a lasagne  this week...:good:

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