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Over weight dogs

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6 hours ago, B725 said:

That's one mighty fine looking dog. 

New years day shoot 2021 that taken.

Dog been working hard all season on shoots every week plus wildfowling.


6 hours ago, B725 said:

That's one mighty fine looking dog. 

thank you

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On 22/04/2022 at 08:35, Dave at kelton said:

And it depends on a dogs metabolism and physique. Of my four working one is skinny no matter how much he eats, another is a lump if I am not careful and two in between. Yes there are very overweight dogs , belly’s scraping on the ground, but it is difficult to generalise. Mine will also all carry a little more weight now than when they have had a few weeks on the hill in September. That is fine by me as it is their off time.

This. We have often commented on the emaciated look of a mates dog in the beaters wagon, but he feeds it like its going out of fashion; it just can't put on weight! It is as fit and strong as any other beating dog. 

My young lab' can lose and gain weight very quickly, so its a fine balancing act at times regards quantities of food I give her. She was ripped when I took her to the vet some time ago, who commented on how good she looked, but OH doesn't like to see too many ribs or feel the vertebra, and to be honest neither do I. I have her bulked up a tad now but you can still see most of her muscular physique. She's a powerhouse! 

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