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New member to the pack

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New member to the pack this is willow from my first litter off my own bitch

My bitch whelped on the 4th of march pups are now 7 weeks old and what a rewarding but hard experience it has been 

we was expecting between 6-9 pups had a scan done around day 39 

She started whelping on the 4th around 3pm first pup was born around half 4 then a hour or so later 2nd pup arrived both were breach birth aswell 4 to 5 hours go by with no sign of contractions so a call and trip to emergency vet just after midnight and turned out that was just going to be the 2 pups and that she had more then likely reabsorbed the other pups something i wasn't aware or heard of so had 2 healthy good size pups that have thrived  so 3 weeks ago i decided which one im keeping back and this is willow and really looking forward to the coming months to start getting the basics and building that bond and trust with her 16507039523125453231165387328323.jpg.41abf0d88315812a4efb06e312360d50.jpg

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