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The Dreaded Quiet Period 2

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The dreaded "Quiet Period" indeed. Rather than add to PCs thread, I will post my experiences here.

We have many pea fields across the Fens.

We have Farmers regularly calling for our help, often with that wonderful term, "the fields are BLUE with wood pigeons"

Yesterday we drove round the farms, looked at some fields where the farmer had gas guns out and those hawk kites. Nothing worth setting up for! 

We moved on to fields at Benwick and shot a few in a small wood at one farm after moving them off the pea fields.

Then it went quiet as they moved away.

Having looked at other possible sites. We had a call from a Mate to fields near Ramsey Mereside.

When we arrived another shooter was there looking around, we waited patiently at the gateway and after 25 minutes he came up to us on his way out.

He had been watching and decided it was not worth him setting up, he wished us good luck and left.

When our host arrived we also looked around and decided to try our luck along a length of field track with the wind on our backs.

WELL, all we saw were Stock Doves! Between the three of us only 1 Wood Pigeon was shot, I guess the other gun knew his ground better!

All adds to the experience though and it was a lovely day to be out, we gained access to new ground and decided to end the day with a Chinese takeaway.

Ce la vie.

Pictures of the landscape to follow when I get back from a course.

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Nice report T C , we often hear , it is just nice to out in the countryside , I agree but my intention is to try and shoot a few Pigeons , now the days are pulling out with the hours of day light, it might be worth looking at certain fields at different times of the day , I have often been on a Pea field all afternoon and packed up at say 5 pm , a hour later when the keeper had gone past had give me a ring say the Peas have got a lot Pigeons on , the early mornings are no longer for me but I have had some good shooting before I had gone to work and the other way round where I have had good shooting when I have left off.

P S    Sorry I forgot you are one of those who keep the wheels of industry moving and not one of us who can sit about all day and get fat on the proceeds of the state pension :lol:

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14 minutes ago, dead eye alan said:

So I here, wasn't fat Sara there practice clime? 

That roosting wood is at Benwick international airport.

It is entirely possible.  :w00t:

It certainly is, now closed I might add!  :cool1:

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19 hours ago, TIGHTCHOKE said:

No hills in the Fens and much of Lincolnshire!

One thing I would find changeling is the size of the fields in the fens , when we used to go to the Fenland Game Fair we would travel up the A14 from Thetford and some of those fields looked huge , another example was when I walked down to the East lighthouse at Sutton Bridge and the Peas were then coming into pod , the Pigeons were coming from miles away and not dropping into a certain field they dropped into any field they came to , I believe the fields were owned or run by Proctor Farms , anyone live around that way might well be worth investigating 

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