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New pup update

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My new dog is coming up to 6 months old now he is quartering quite well with less input from the whistle, retrieving is progressing as is sit and stay and also stopping to the dummy being thrown well most of the time 😁 not the best picture as it's difficult on my own to capture exactly where he comes back. 20220425_151521_copy_1734x2312.jpg.330a3886ec806e6cc7fc6ea0486a6c08.jpg

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lovely pic...:good:

having had spandangals for many years....i tried where possible NOT to train them on short grass.....spanners hunt by nose and sight and if they cant see anything they start to speed up and range further and further out.....and they will get skylark fever

train them in ditches and bush and long grass...then they will have more to occupy them and wont get into the habit of ranging out uncontrollably

if you want to tell me to **** off and mind my own buis ...please do so

just something to think about.........remember where they come from and what they were bred to do....ranging far out to put birds up for hawks in spain....hence espaniol..(spaniel)



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The only time I use short grass is as in the picture learning to jump its easy for the dog to see and when I start to use directional retrieves , if the dog can see both or more dummies it adds an extra thing for the dog to think about plus I don't loose the dummies. All the hunting is in tall grass to start until the recall and stop have been perfected. I know some may say he's too young but I've always done it this way so him working is fun and engrained whilst young. I only do short sessions gradually building up to longer sessions but only at the dogs pace or ability to absorb what is being asked of him,the rest of the time he can have as much puppy play as he wants. My last few spanner's have been a joy to take shooting unfortunately I don't think anyone on here as seen any of them working so I can only write a few words to give people an idea of what they turn out like.

I also like my dog to hunt close i.e 10 to 20 foot infront because if you cannot control him at that distance you would have no chance  100 metres away.

By the way I would have no intention of telling you to foff 👍👍





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The dog has took to the starter pistol so much so he is dropping to shot, the odd time he will just stop rather than sit like I prefer but it early day's . Two new dummies being delivered tomorrow so he can be taught left and right retrieves or stop on one and go for the other, going back is progressing but no more than 20 yard's at the moment, the only problem is I want short grass to start off but that attracts other people with their mutt's asking if the dog's can play. He's come on so well I can mix and match his training so he doesn't second guess what's going to happen.

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