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Webley Raider 12


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Hi I've got one, bought new about 3 years ago. mine was a bit down on power from new, something to watch for. They upgraded the gauge  on the front from smaller diameter thread to a much larger one as they were prone to leaking, mine was done under warranty. It is heavy, took mine out sunday for a walk around and got through over 100 pellets plinking at the end of the day. Mine has a huma reg in it, you do get more shots per charge. Its certainly not a bsa or air arms in quality and you can get some good second hand stuff for the price of a new webley. I suppose it all depends on the price of the one he's seen.

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On 27/04/2022 at 20:05, sportsbob said:

The raider 12 uses a Kral action made in Turkey , the newer Raider Classic is made by Hatsan also in Turkey. 

Hello, the classic looks ok but I don't like the stock, to chunky on the forend 🤔

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