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What ever happened or was done, it's actually I think a bit of a step back for us as shooters, as I think he backed us and fought our corner. Coming from a rural background and when the GL fiasco happened he was very much on the shooting side. A stupid mistake that he made and to be fair to him he has accepted and gone on record saying he was an idiot for doing so. 

And as he is elected he cannot be "sacked" so he did the right thing in resigning. 


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Good job he wasn’t looking at anything top secret 🤫 let’s get real about this stuff

there were two eavesdropping nosy people who could have been Russian spy’s 

will they be investigating there motives for looking at his phone?

personally rather have a MP that’s awake and looking at tractor porn than one that’s asleep or drunk on the expense account lunch money 

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