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Pigeon with diseased feet

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“Found” this pigeon after it fell from a tree suffering from lead poisoning.

it appeared to have lots of feather loss (possibly moulting but seemed too much feather loss) but it’s feet were very dodgy any thoughts?


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40 minutes ago, slated said:

Looking up on doctor Google it might scaly feet, but not 100% sure.

but feather loss was odd. 

either way it not going in the pot just in case.

If the Pigeon had a lot of feather loss as well as the feet problem I would just keep it for a decoy and then chuck it away .

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I'm not sure if it is still a permitted method of pest control, but there used to be some sort of chemical applied to perching areas in towns, intended to deter the ferals from flocking in their masses.  It used to result in deformities of the feet.

Just an outside chance it could be that sort of thing?

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