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Difficult Afternoon

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I’ve been away in Devon this week with the family so haven’t had chance to look for pigeons. My day started with me replacing a wheel bearing on my truck and by the time I’d finished it was 11.30. I set off on my search and after a couple of hours I’d found nothing. I returned to the farm I shot last week and all I found were doves apart from a very weak line heading to a line of oak trees next to a pea field. This farm has 9 fields of peas on it so pin pointing a field is difficult. As the time was getting on I decided to give it a go and wait it out. I set up about 2 and I was plagued with doves all afternoon but with the doves came the odd pigeon. Around 3.30-4 was when the bulk of the pigeons started moving. It was a slow few hours but I finished at 6 and picked 62 pigeons and a bonus Magpie that dropped in the pattern out of the no where. On my way out of the farm I passed a pea field covered in pigeon and I also stopped by the field I shot last week to find 200+ feeding.




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Brilliant result Ben  , I wouldn't say it was a difficult afternoon and finish up 62 😄, and there we were wandering if all the Pigeons had emigrated and then you came on the forum and restored our faith :good:

THANKS for posting.

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Well done Ben, you took a chance on a weak flight line and it paid off. Perhaps your shooting concentrated the birds on the other fields.

Well done again.


you must improve your presentation as I can only count 61 as you must keep up the reputation of Central Region Association of Pigeonshooters. ( C.R.A.P.)

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