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Browning 525 Black Gold

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I bought the above gun yesterday, looks lovely and was a lovely price too!

At some point a previous owner has had a comb riser on the stock and it has produced a 2 tone effect.

I would like to get the stock back to a uniform finish, preferably without stripping it all back down to the orginal wood.

If possible I would also like to darken the stock and give it a high gloss finish.

Any advice on how i can achieve this is much appreciated.

Many Thanks


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Depends om wether the stock is lacquer or oil finished. With lacquer nothing can be changed other than stripping the wood down and applying a new (true) oil finish. If the stock is oil finished you can apply multi thin coats of a dark red or brown gun stock oil. This will eventually mask most of the existing two tone colour. If the wood doesn’t absorb the oil at all, it helps to buff the wood with 0000 steel wool before you start applicating more coats of dark oil.

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