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Air Arms Field .22's

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I have been ordering a few more pellets than usual having been shooting more of late, and recently ordered 3 tins of 500 Air Arms Field's from an online company, having had those substituted for the FX pellets I originally wanted as they were out of stock. I agreed to the switch without giving it a lot of thought after the owner said that they were effectively the same pellet as the FX. I'm thinking now he got confused and that most shooters say that JSB are the same factory as FX, not Air Arms. I wouldn't give a hoot frankly if it wasn't for the fact that I have sold my Air Arms rifles and now only have the FX's, does anyone know how much differently the Air Arms will perform in an FX rifle, (given now I've got 1500 of them to get through), thanks

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If they are the same weight you'll probably get the same performance,  you can only try a few and see.

If your gun hates them then ask for the un opened tins to changed for something else. 

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My (.22) Air Arms Field pellets are in tins graded 5.50mm and 5.52mm. Worth checking on the reverse of yours to see what you have out of curiosity. Some (or all) of my pellets are 10+ years old, so this information may be out of date. 

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2 hours ago, Acerforestry said:

At present, sub 12 Typhoon and Cutlas

Hello, my friend has the same typhoon  rifle  and uses AA fields , have not used a Cutlas, my FX Vermy likes AA fields 5.2, I would not worry, the skirts are quite soft so when loaded are good and air tight , to be honest I have never used FX pellets in my Vermy after testing with AAs , there still a tin of a few 100 in the case, I could not say how many AAs i have used over the years I've had the Vermy, it's just had a major service so will out last me 😁

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