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Which autos work with a hushpower moderator?


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Can anyone suggest a semi auto 12 guage which works well with a slip on hushpower moderator please? I can't seem to find anything definitive on Google. Thanks

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They should all work .the mod should have little to no bearing on a sa. To cycle carts  

That goes for inertia  and gas driven .

The only issue comes when you drill holes in your barrel  breech side of the exhaust ports on a gas sa.  Which you wouldn't do  .

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Yeah .my 20b sa. Won't cycle carts below 24 gram  .but 24 grm and above are fine .

The mod on the end or not this doesn't alter   I guess if anything , the slight back pressure created by the baffle stack in the mod should mean 21 grm loads actually  have a greater change of cycling properly,

than without the mod on . I haven't really tested that as I'm not interested in 21 grm carts or subsonics  

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could in theory mess with the timing of a gas operated semi auto. it wont start to cycle until the shot charge and wad has cleared the gas ports in the barrel. and that fraction of a second  between the gas ports and the muzzle is where the pressure is built to cycle the action. you disrupt that with a mod or holes into a mod to let the gas expand youre gona probably find it wont cycle very reliably. most gas operated guns stuggle with  subsonic and light loads at the best of times unless you change or trim the return spring. like others have said its probably way less drama just going for a pump then you completley do away with all the potential issues.


edit: just seen you said slip on mod. if youve not interupted the cycle time at all with a barrel modification it shoud probably cycle the same if not better with the extra bit of pressure delay by the expanding gas in the mod.


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9 hours ago, jall25 said:

Im not sure why you would get a hushpower type gun and not use subsonics 

I have a pump action and 95 percent of the time that cycle ok

May be worth a look ?

Very very heavy mind !

I just find that slow or subs just dont kill reliably at range .the point of going pigeon decoying  for me is to bag birds .and subs don't do that for me .

A mod on a gun makes a MASSIVE  difference to the sound heard by me and everyone  else  around irrespective  of the cart used .a couple decibels  lower makes little difference to the sound but does reduce my kill ratio/  effectiveness and hence  enjoyment  considerably 

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