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Been to vets.

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Hi gang.

                Put my 12 yr old lurcher into the vets today as he had a lump on his neck and terrible breath.

                Lump was ok but had to have teeth cleaned and a few out + medication £350.

                So i can't grumble because that's all he's cost me in the 10 yrs i've had him. Got him at 2 yr old.

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That is pretty good going for a 12 year old dog , my Lab is just over seven and haven't been to vets since he had a health check when he was about a year old , I forget how much the health check was but it took a matter of minutes to check the dog over and the young lady said , yes he is fine , bring him back if you have any problems , touch wood he have been in good condition, and hopefully he will stay that way .

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