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A Proper Artery Clogger!

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Had an excess of lemons so decided to try and make a lemon Sussex pond suet pudding I had seen on Rick Steins programme many years ago. I could not find his exact recipe so found one online which if I recall, was very similar.

There was a lot of faffing and ******* and jeffing as the bowl I steamed it in only just fitted in the boiling pan , I unfortunately pierced the foil on the top whilst putting it in and had to remove it and refoil also burning my fingers along the way. Not being a baker of any sorts it certainly lived up to it's name in looks when I had finished cooking it, it certainly resembled something that had been dragged out of a pond :lol: (see pics), however thankfully it did not taste like one. It was delicious, super lemony with a hint of sweetness all soaked through the stodgy pudding.

As you can see from the pics I always keep my work area tidy :lol: and in all it took about 10 miniutes to prepare and 3 hours to steam. Apologies, no pics of when i removed the foil, just pic of the leftovers.

recipe below in the link:



With the other leftover lemons i decided to preserve them, I have done these before many years ago and once preserved they are super duper lemony. I have used them in tagines and salads when cut up finely. Superb they are.

I use a 1 litre preserving jar, sterislise with hot water or in the oven.

8-10 unwaxed lemons depending on size ( you will need 3 or so for squeezing for the juice for covering the lemons)

peppercorns whole (only if you want)

kosher or coarse sea salt ( 1 teaspoon per lemon so if using 7 lemons in the jar, 7 teaspoons of salt with x 1 teaspoon of sugar mixed in and x 2 teaspoons extra for adding to the jar at the end so around the 10 teaspoon mark for all the salt and sugar)

How to make:

Clean the unwaxed lemons in warm water

leave on the base and cut the top off flat exposing a good part of the lemon, cut down near the base but not completely, turn and cut again so in effect you have four segments all joined at the bottom. Rub 1 teaspoon of the salt into each lemon filling all the gaps of the segments inside and the outside if the lemon. Stuff them into the jar trying not to leave many gaps, if you have big gaps, cut some of the lemons in half and fill in. I drop in the occasional peppercorn.

Squeeze the other lemons and pour over the lemons in the jar with the juice til covered and add the last 2 teaspoons of salt. Turn or lightly agitate the jar daily for a couple of weeks and store in the fridge from day 1, you will get the salt settling in the bottom and this helps it dissolve it. Ready to eat in about 6-8 weeks, however I leave mine for a 6 months before starting to use them. When you want to use one, remove and risnse in cold water. In a tagine I use a whole one, for salads I cut them up finely, eat them rind, pith and all as it is the preserving that turns these parts into a soft but firm super lemon experience. 

The last jar I made they lasted probably a good 18 months in the fridge. I did not die or feel unwell and had no unwanted bowel moments 🤢 so how long they would keep is anyone's guess. :lol:

pics below.








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