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Honda SatNav Disc

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This is a bit of a long shot but does anyone have a Honda satnav disc they could either sell for a reasonable amount or lend me for a day or two? Or make me a copy of? My car is an ‘06 CR-V but I’d presume it’s not model-specific. The release version is 2.05. 

I’ve recently bought the car, the included copy of the disc looks like it has been used to test sandpaper on! I’d be grateful if anyone could help..


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TBH I was under the impression a dealer is the last place to go!  OK thanks I'll maybe give them a shout if all else fails.  Since I posted this I have put the disc in my PC's DVD drive and it read it - came up with the file directories etc so looks like it might be possible to duplicate it to a fresh disc.  I've got a mate who does that sort of stuff for a living so I'll pop it round to him and see...

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I had a problem with the volume level on my 2019 sat nav. I took it back to main dealer and they had to connect a laptop to it to increase the volume. I was given a coffee and it took around 45 minutes, no charge, even though it is now out of 3 year warranty.

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